Elevator Lab Challenge

powered by Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

Elevator Lab is the largest corporate fintech accelerator in Central and Eastern Europe. It was created by Raiffeisen Bank International and aims to find the best start-ups in the field of finance and to build long-term cooperation between them and the banks in the Raiffeisen Group. The first edition of the Elevator Lab program ran from June 2017 to February 2018 and had a great success.

In 2018 Elevator Lab program includes local challenges in the countries where Raiffeisen Bank operates. This allows more start-ups to join the Elevator Lab 2018. We have extended this year the Elevator Lab Challenge in Kosovo, maybe this year the winner will be from Kosovo?

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| Application phase closed on 25 May 2018


There are a lot of benefits for you if you apply in Elevator Lab Challenge in Kosovo, including feedback from Elevator Lab Experts team and the opportunity to locate your company among other participants in the competition. Also, each of you has the chance to become one of the finalists , as well as the winner of the challenge, which will bring you additional benefits!

  • For the first place

    • WILD CARD for the of RBI Group’s acceleration program Elevator Lab Semi-final (video pitch)
    • Trip to Vienna including training for the last selection round (after video pitch approval)
    • Opportunity to integrate the innovation with the Raiffeisen Group’s banking systems and reach all 16.5 million clients
    • Winning €5000 cash prize
  • For the second place

    • Increase of the brand awareness by mentioning in digital and print articles and Raiffeisen Bank’s social media channels
    • Meeting with high-level managers from the bank and other innovative companies
    • Possibility of incubation at ICK
    • Winning €2500 cash prize
  • For the other three places

    • Increasing of the brand awareness by mentioning in digital and print articles and Raiffeisen Bank’s social media channels
    • Meeting with high-level managers from the bank and other innovative companies
    • Possibility of incubation at ICK and have shared offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, consulting & mentoring services, all the necessary expertise to turn commercial ICT idea into a profitable businesses
    • Access to local and international networks


We are looking for start-ups, with proven innovative fintech products and technologies. The Elevator Lab Challenge in Kosovo is part of Elevator Lab, the group-wide international fintech accelerator program by Raiffeisen Bank International. Hence, joining the regional “Elevator Lab Challenge” can be a stepping stone for local start-ups to scale their business case up to an international level.

  • Advanced Analytics

    • Augmented credit scoring
    • Predictive analytics
    • SME lending
    • Client & trading data analytics
    • Artificial intelligence (e.g. sentiment analysis, chat and voice processing)
    • Analytics for client interaction

  • RegTech

    • Anti Money Laundering & Know Your Customer solutions (incl. Distributed Ledger technology)
    • Customer authentication (incl. biometrics) & digital ID (incl. Distributed Ledger technology)
    • Data protection/management
    • Cyber security
    • Text mining

  • Corporate Banking

    • Distributed Ledger technology for trade finance
    • Corporate banking prizing solution
    • eDocument solutions/Optical character recognition
    • Robo advisor for FX trading

  • Investing & TradingTech

    • Hybrid-/digital-advisor
    • Smart contract certificates
    • Distributed Ledger technology solution for investment banking
    • Automated document generator

  • New Branch Experience

    • Automated branch digitisation
    • Augmented/virtual reality
    • PoS solutions
    • Remote advice
    • Voice banking (Google Home etc.)

  • Open Banking

    • Third party providers for extended banking value chains
    • Fund brokerage platform in open banking
    • Corporate multibank data aggregation (+ value added services)


Register your start-up until 25th of May 2018. After that there is an internal selection process, which will be conducted to identify the top 5 most promising start-ups to participate in the Elevator Lab Challenge. After the selection of top 5 start-ups they will present their use cases in front of the jury members and one winner will be elected to continue their participation in the Elevator Lab global challenge.


Apr 10

10 April 2018

  • Launch event
Apr 23

23 April 2018

  • Start of the application phase
Mai 25

25 May 2018

  • End of the application phase
Jun 04

4 June 2018

» Announcement of the top 5 start-ups

Jun 05

5 June 2018

» Top 5 start-up pitches

Jun 18

14 June 2018

» Announcement of the winners & local winner ceremony


The five finalists will be rated by a jury, which includes Board Members from Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo and participant from Raiffeisen Bank International.

  • Robert Wright
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

  • Iliriana Toçi
    Board Member for Retail Banking
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

  • Johannes Riepl
    Board Member for Corporate Banking
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

  • Shukri Mustafa
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

  • Kreshnik Halili
    Head of Competence Center and Strategic Initiatives
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

  • Antigona Limani
    Head of Marketing and PR
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

  • Agron Gashi
    Head of Product Management and Development
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

  • Suad Lushtaku
    Head of Corporate Products Department
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

  • Arber Fazliu
    Head of IT & Communications
    Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

  • Maximilian Schausberger
    Elevator Lab Program Lead
    Raiffeisen Bank International

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