The Batches

Elevator Lab 2018/19

The Participants

»Advanced Analytics

  • cityFalcon

    United Kingdom

  • CityFALCON is redefining how financial news is sourced, curated, distributed and consumed. It transforms unstructured financial content into structured data using natural language processing (NLP) and personalises data for users and clients using machine learning. Apart from RBI, their clients include BNP Paribas, banks in Asia, IEX Group and several fintech companies. The company has received awards and recognition from Twitter, UBS, IBM, Standard Bank, and NTT Data.

  • SESAMm


  • SESAMm provides tools for the asset management industry, based on proprietary Big Data, AI and
    Natural Language Processing technologies. It analyzes in real time millions of web messages, articles and posts to provide innovative analytics on thousands of financial products (such as stocks, bonds, currencies, indices, commodities or cryptocurrencies).

»Investing & TradingTech



  • FINABRO aims to make saving for retirement and other important life goals easier and more accessible. FINABRO has built a simple wealth management platform with a licence from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). The offerings are life insurance (pension) wrapped products, as well as non-wrapped bank products. The company’s main routes to market are cooperations with financial institutions as well as selling its pension product directly to employers.

  • limitless


  • Limitless provides a simple and engaging whitelabel mobile app for spending-based savings and micro-investments to convert savers into investors. Their app helps customers to invest money in an easy way and makes them engage more with their bank.

»New Branch Experience

  • CopSonic


  • CopSonic is a communication technology that allows its users to interact or transmit data between electronic devices using ultrasounds. CopSonic is focusing on digital security, smart detection and also IOT connectivity. The patented technology is distributed as a SDK as to enable B2B partners to integrate the solutions inside their existing environment as an alternative or complement to NFC, Bluetooth LE or QR. A huge advantage of the solution is its universality and its capability to be applied cross-platform.

  • PayKey


  • PayKey develops a unique Social Banking solution that enables users to access key financial services – such as P2P transfers, balance checks, credit top ups, and chatbot service – from within a chat on ANY social messaging app, directly from their keyboard. PayKey‘s solution is based on a smartphone keyboard which is fully integrated with the bank’s apps, transforming the keyboard into a new channel for services, information, and communication.

  • Pisano

    United Kingdom

  • Pisano is an omni-channel customer experience management platform that enables businesses to collect customer feedback at all touch-points both online and offline. The platform provides solutions to collect customer feedback, engage with them during their experience and close the loop on their requests. By using this platform, brands decrease their operational costs to manage customers and increase revenue by converting them into brand promoters.

»Open Banking

  • cambrist


  • Cambrist’s Issuer Multi-Currency Optimization service enables card program issuers as well as processors to authorize and settle in the cardholder’s international transaction currency, while maintaining their domestic, single-currency account structure standard for their card programs.
    The source of FX can be controlled by directly accessing wholesale banking markets to meet scheme settlement requirements. The rate applied to cardholder accounts can be controlled by creating the capability to adjust cardholder transaction amounts based on prescribed FX rates in the clearing and settlement process.

Elevator Lab 2017/18

The Participants

»Reg Tech

  • 360kompany


  • kompany offers real-time access to authoritative, audit-proof company information covering 100 mn companies in over150 jurisdictions powering KYC, AML, and EDD checks. Its service can improve or automate the verification of businesses (cross-border) based on real-time, authoritative and audit- proof company information directly from commercial registers, UBO directories and PEP / sanctions lists, allowing a streamlining of onboarding and compliance processes as well as due diligence processes in various fields. kompany provides both a business KYC web tool for automated retrieval, delivery and storage of authoritative, audit-proof company filings and commercial register reports and an enterprise API which can be integrated into in-house workflow management tools, CRM and ERP systems

»SME Banking

  • Asteria


  • Asteria is a new and easy way to truly understand business cash flow and make it smart in order to find the easiest opportunities for growth, to make more data driven decisions and to reduce administration. Asteria’s software is integrated into the customer’s and bank’s software. Customers get automated cash flow forecasts and receive an alert when there is a cash flow gap and a suggestion to solve it with their bank. Customers get continuous feedback on how to optimize receivables, cash positions and credits and see how it affects their future cash flow. Asteria visualizes the most important parts of their customer’s business software data to help make more data driven decisions. Through the software, businesses can increase earnings, cut costs and stay one step ahead of their competition.

»Big Data Analytics

  • GAUSS Algorithmic

    Czech Republic

  • Gauss Algorithmic is a leader in data integration, advanced analytics and data related research in the CEE region. Its technology expertise ranges from big data integration, processing and enrichment to predictive analytics and cognitive computing. The company’s mission is to help businesses making right decisions and creating a competitive advantage using Gauss Algorithmic’s capability to analyze the past, understand the present and leverage Artificial Intelligence to uncover future outcomes. Its team consists of leading specialists in scientific and commercial applications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence with a strong focus on the CEE region. Gauss Algorithmic is also a Cloudera certified partner in the CEE region.

»Branch of the Future

  • Moxtra

    United States

  • Moxtra, a leader in mobile-first embeddable collaboration services, offers an embeddable, omni-channel client engagement platform for financial services companies. Using Moxtra’s technology, clients and bank agents can collaborate around documents using secure messaging, e-signatures, voice layered over content and real-time meetings. Moxtra is platform agnostic and is built with the mobile user in mind. The platform can be integrated deeply into existing workflows and can be configured to meet any security or regulatory requirements. Moxtra’s APIs can be embedded quickly and easily into almost any existing vertical solution, such as ERP and CRM, as well as into native mobile apps, to provide built-in collaboration that keeps users engaged and productive.



  • SONECT converts any shop or individual into a „Virtual ATM“ reducing the high „cost of cash“ via a location based on-demand service that allows its users to withdraw cash using smartphones. SONECT disrupts the ATM industry by democratising the process of cash distribution. What UBER is to taxis, AirBnB to hotels, SONECT is to ATMs. It is a location-based match making platform that connects those who want to withdraw cash with those who want to deposit cash (e.g. a shop owner). This way, the shop owner not only reduces the cash management efforts but also earns money and increases footfall, consumers can withdraw cash at the click of a button on their smartphone wherever they are, and banks can save up to 50% in running their ATMs while generating new revenue.



In the initial stage an internal selection process will be conducted to identify the best start-ups for further participation in the Elevator Lab. Within our four month partnership program, we will run a proof of concept project with the participants in order to improve their product, to evaluate how to gain traction and how to start to scale internationally (focus on CEE).

After the first batch, we will evaluate the potential of a possible further cooperation together with the startups. Therefore, our partnership program has the potential to be a stepping stone to reach a significant new market via our extensive network.


Jun 01

1 June – 31 July » Application phase

  • Application until 31 July 2017
Mrz 19

1 – 25 August » Pre-selection phase

  • Out of all applicants the top 30 SUPs will be shortlisted
Sep 05

5 – 7 September » Semi-finalists personal presentation remote

  • After the remote pitching sessions Top 15 winner start-ups will be selected
Mrz 19

18 – 21 September » Final selection days in Vienna

  • Top 15 finalist pitches
  • Mentor’s get to know the start-ups and their technology
  • 1:1 mentor – start-up sessions focusing on PoC building
  • Final selection of Top 5 winner start-ups
  • Winner ceremony
  • Onboarding of the winners
Mrz 19

17 – 19 October » Kick-off days in Vienna

  • Get to know RBI
  • PoC progress evaluation
  • 1:1 mentor – startup sessions focusing on PoC validation & building
Nov 20

20 – 23 November » Acceleration days in Vienna

  • Expert workshop
  • PoC progress evaluation
  • 1:1 mentor – startup sessions focusing on PoC execution
  • Investors workshop
Dez 12

12 – 14 December » Pilot project polishing week & BC in Vienna

  • Expert workshop
  • 1:1 mentor – startup sessions focusing on PoC execution
Jan 23

23 – 25 January » Second pilot project polishing week

  • Expert workshop
  • 1:1 mentor – start-up sessions focusing on PoC execution
  • Pilot project building & evaluation
Mrz 19

20 – 22 February » International Demo Day

  • Official presentation of the PoC projects in front of internal and external guests